Caroline Myss prayer of protection

I had the pleasure of interviewing best selling author Caroline Myss at the Wilmette Theatre on October 20th. She closed the evening with a prayer that I promised to share:

I want you to picture yourself with your angel over you, because this is what I do. ‘Hover over me God. Let my angel take me out of my body. Take me to the realm of healing. Work on me tonight and through the night. Heal the broken parts of my heart, my mind, my soul. Repair my flesh and bones. Let the grace pour through me. God keep my mind clear. Help me not to judge other human beings – that doesn’t help me and you hear those judgments. So whatever negativity I generate, let me harm no one. Take it out of me. Let the angels put me back in my body before I wake filled with grace. Hover over me God. Let me walk this earth with love. Amen.’

3 Replies to “Caroline Myss prayer of protection”

  1. I needed that so do a lot of humans in this world. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we all woke up tomorrow with that healing What a super World it would be.

  2. Thank you so much for all that you are giving to us, starting the prayer this eve. also I have been seeing hearts in a lot of unusual places!! I happen to love hearts..

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