Never give up

I came across a story of a man named Arthur. He was injured as a paratrooper in the war and gained a lot of weight. He was told he would never again be able to walk without a walker.

Well, he decided to take up yoga and it changed his life. He lost 140 pounds in 10 months and now not only is he walking without help, he can run.

I know many people who are complainers and they want to be fixed. If they could take a pill to lose the weight or the sadness or the stress, that would be their preference. My feeling is, try moving your body first. Please. Maybe a long walk is all you can handle these days. That’s OK too. As long as you do something.

 If you ever doubt you can do it, watch this video. Pass it on to anyone you know who could use a boost. And remember, as Arthur says, “Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. Never give up.”


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  1. Wow, there aren’t words to describe what I am feeling after watching this video. It’ so inspirational.

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