Jenny’s List


Every week, I get emails from people asking me for help with a certain issue. Either they’re suffering from grief over losing a loved one, or they have chronic pain and need a recommendation for a healer because traditional medicine has failed to resolve the issue.

So I listen, reflect, and connect the dots, recommending different modalities to address these peoples’ ailments – either physical, spiritual or sometimes both.

Eventually, my friends and loved ones gave me the nickname “The Angie’s List for the spiritual world.” I’ve been trying to bridge the gap between the mystical and the medical for two decades, meeting dozens of medical doctors, healers, mediums, psychics, best selling authors, massage therapists, reiki masters, reflexologists, astrologers, past life experts, you name it, I’ve probably researched it. And so, I have created my own list of people I’d recommend.

It’s called Jenny’s List.

After years of counseling people about their emotional and physical challenges, and having the value reflected back to me, I’ve decided to offer this as a service to those in need. I will consult and share my “Jenny’s List” with anyone who is truly serious about healing their mind, body and spirit. Every person has different issues that bleed into their work, families and social circles. They are complicated and layered, and must be treated with great care and consciousness. One of my gifts is looking into a person’s issues, and knowing which practitioner will help them the most.

This work should not be taken lightly. If you are willing to take a deep dive into your soul’s journey, then let’s get started, dammit!

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, send me an e-mail: