How lazy have we become?

I was looking through my email at work and found a pitch from a person promoting a company called Fiverr, which is a website where people can post their “micro-services.” These  services include everything from video production to turning your home into a temporary hotel and the prices on the site range from $5-$150.

At first, I thought, “how cool!”

Then I saw this post:

I will meditate on your financial abundance for 5 minutes straight. Every 1-2 days, I do this for all new orders. WELCOME income, shifts, insights, new energy & joyful support! Note: There’s no promise of a specific result. Each person gets *unique* benefits. See testimonials below! ☺ Windfalls are not uncommon: Bonuses, promotions, new jobs, cash prizes, unexpected income… I invite a 3-10% tip on your new income, via my tip gig. This keeps the energy moving & brings more good to you! ♥ORDER NOW♥

So now, we can’t even meditate for our own success, we have to pay someone to do it FOR US???!! Are we THAT lazy?

Shit yeah!

I’m not really upset with the woman for listing the micro-service, because after all, she’s just taking advantage of the sloth we’ve become as a species.

But what I am hoping you gleam from taking 2 minutes to read this post is:

THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU. You want to create abundance in your life, or bring on that “windfall”, work on yourself.

Rather than pay a stranger 5 bucks to meditate for your well-being, how about meditating for yourself instead? How about establishing real relationships and a purpose rather than hoping your mom, your spouse, your boss or some stranger on Fiverr will make it better?

Make it better on your own. You can do it. I believe in you.

And if you want someone to sing “Happy Birthday” like Marilyn Monroe, let me know. I may just be posting that service on Fiverr. (That is, unless someone else has thought of it first, dammit!)

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