A letter from a reader about meditation:

I recently got an email from a reader named Abigail who wanted some advice on how to meditate.

“I hate meditation,” she wrote. “It’s so damn boring I want to shoot somebody. I get so distracted with every noise. Then I start daydreaming about everything you can imagine. Yesterday I tried to meditate, and all I managed to meditate was my shopping list. At least it was productive, right?”

Dear Abigail:

We aren’t all hard wired the same, so who’s to say that meditation has to come from being silent and sitting in a chair? I interviewed a healer recently who meditates to Michael Jackson. I meditate when I run. Another friend of mine needs to listen to Bach to get centered. So rather than getting some idea in your head that you have to sit still, breath, and calm your mind, do what makes you feel centered and calm. Maybe one day sitting on a mountain top will do the trick, but for me, I’m still going to blast Dee-Lite in my ipod and run along the lake.

We are all unique beings and therefore, should be celebrated for that uniqueness.

Find your own method, and let me know what you come up with. I look forward to hearing about your success, dammit!




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  1. Hi Jen:

    As a kindred spirit who lost her dad 11 years ago in August, I just had to share my “Stay Tuned” moment. I was at the Wilmette pool on Father’s Day and glanced down at someone’s discarded pool shoes; they were plan white plastic sandals that had a heart inside where the heal sits. Inside the heart were three letters: “mel”. Jen, my dad’s name was Mel. He sold shoes. I feel him with me all of the time, but this reminded me of when you met the Weigels at Lily Dale. They are always with us! So grateful~


  2. Thank you Diane- so lovely to hear that story. I love those little winks… keep your eyes and ears open and you will see/hear them all the time!

  3. I have clients and friends ask me about “that mediation thing’ all the time, it really is simple, I have posted on my website my “meditation basics” check it out for easy info on the way to start…L&L..Jim

  4. I just told a facebook friend that our loved ones who have left us always find a way of reminding us of them. When it happens to me I am so grateful and I say a prayer of thanks to the Lord.

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