The podcast has arrived!!

You’ve asked for it, and it’s finally here. My WGN podcast “I’m Spiritual, Dammit!” has launched. Please listen, share, and enjoy the conversations. The maiden voyage is with the lovely Kelly Standing.. author, mother, public speaker and over all cool chick who has survived 7 near death experiences that we know of!

Listen now.

2 Replies to “The podcast has arrived!!”

  1. Hi Jen

    I’ve just finished reading your book “I’m Spiritual Dammit!”
    Just wanted to thank you for writing such an honest book I was sad when it came to the
    end as i was enjoying it so much, just wanted it to keep going. Your style of writing is
    fantastic i love it, can’t wait to read your other books.
    i will walk about with my ” Flashdance Energy Bucket” over my arm so it’s always handy
    for when I or anyone else may need a boost he he he.

    love always
    laraine x

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