The end of the world….as we know it.

I know a lot of folks are getting their undies in a bunch about this Mayan calendar thing on 12/21/12. What spiritual teachers have been saying for months now, is this isn’t the end of the world. It’s the end of the world as we know it. It means we can’t go on as we’ve been going on. Something has to change…the tragedies in the last week alone are proof of this.

So how is this big shift affecting you? Just about everyone I know has had slight inconveniences. One friend got in two car accidents in one week. Another has appliances breaking in her house left and right. I broke my thumb slamming it in the car door. Then I got my car towed, bumped into a sparkling wine display at Walgreens crashing a bottle to the floor, and realized my wallet was in the car. Thankfully, these are what I call “princess problems” compared to the big picture and those tragedies in Connecticut. But there’s something in the air and that’s for sure. It’s a shift. And it’s a big one.

Tom Kenyon who is a psychotherapist, sound healer and author, said:

As we view it, this cosmic alignment does not sound the end of your world, but it does herald a new beginning. How each of you deals with these catalytic evolutionary energies is a personal choice.

Indeed many individuals might experience these intense energies as an irritant. If you are not prepared mentally, emotionally and energetically to jump to higher levels within yourself, these energies can make you feel like you’re losing your mind. If, however, you are aligned with the movement upward you will be carried by these energies. They can open extraordinary vistas for you if you are open to them.

So center yourself and remember to trust that you are part of something bigger than you can imagine. Put up the boundaries so the toxic people in your life don’t drag you into their chaos. And remember that this too shall pass- and a whole new world of possibility awaits.


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  1. So very well said!!! This is a time of shifting and realigning. A shift in our focus and outlook. As we move forward may we live our lives guided by our hearts….

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