What’s with all the hearts??

I’ve been seeing hearts lately – in just about everything. From crumbs to smudges of dirt, they are showing up in the most bizarre places. Even the fringe of my rug isn’t safe.







If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. I started noticing them when I was finishing my third book, which is a humorous memoir about my divorce (if there can be such a thing.) I thought it was kind of a cruel joke.

Show the divorced lady all the hearts…

But for a year and change, they have been everywhere. Even the toilet paper on the floor of the Tribune bathroom had a heart shape the other day. (I couldn’t make this shit up!)






It’s gotten to the point where I see so many throughout the day that I’ve stopped taking pictures. (It’s annoying to squat down in the middle of the sidewalk to zoom in on every piece of heart-shaped gum.)

So of course, after all these hearts, it leaves me wondering-


I posed the question to best selling author Judith Orloff who has written a couple of my favorite books including “Positive Energy” and her latest which is fantastic, “The Ecstasy of Surrender”. Here is what she said about my heart-o-rama:

Hearts are powerful symbols that Awaken people to the love that is possible. There may be angels all over everywhere that want to help us awaken into love. Their messages can come to us in the most whimsical ways. Seeing hearts places is the way that love can be communicated. I suggest you let go of your rational critical mind and be like a child again to accept all the loving Messages around you and just surrender to them.”

After I emailed Judith, I went to lunch and saw this on the sidewalk.







I’m not kidding!!!

So I will keep sharing and keep surrendering.

Do yourself a favor and do the same. You might be  amazed at what you see.



6 Replies to “What’s with all the hearts??”

  1. Love this Jen!! But don’t take any of these beauties for granted. Each is a gift that carries a reminder. Each time I find one in an odd place….an onion, a shoelace, a piece of toilet paper I pause and give thanks for the abundance of gifts and gentle reminders sent from the Universe.


    Your fellow heart hunter <3

  2. Thanks for the reminder that magic still exists and that we need to have faith in things that don’t always make sense. Wishing you lots of hearts in the future!

  3. Yes, Jen, you’re right.
    The hearts are messages from the Universe to take care of yours, know that you have a one, to know that there are heart/s out there waiting for you, and to have your heart be open to it. This aren’t accidents (co-incidences).

    In fact, the word co-incidence, when you think of it is just that…an incident coming together (co). I sound like George Costanza talking about “man-ure” to Marisa Tomei!
    Being a personal coach, I say, keep your boundaries and keep your heart open.

    Linda McCarrin

  4. I see hearts everywhere, all the time. It is a reminder to me that life is not supposed to be so complicated. It helps me slow down and focus on what I have right in front of me.

  5. I posted your heart comments on FB…like you and so many out there, I find them, unexpectedly, everywhere. I actually have a collection of heart stones in my garden..all nature made. Thanks for your insights and your wit and humor in our crazy times. It’s much needed!

  6. I see hearts everywhere but don’t know what they mean. I just got out of a bad relationship. I was deeply in love with him and was very hard to break up with him and he my ground. The hearts will sometimes have the letter of his first name attached to it. Help me understand what this means.

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